At Health Club 22 you can fully enjoy the charm and facilities offered by Grand Hotel Bucharest: relaxation, comfort, a spectacular view – and these are just a few of the reasons that will make you come back again.

During summer, a small vacation, even a city break at an international hotel in Bucharest such as Grand Hotel Bucharest can be just the break you needed. With the whole city at your feet, all you have to do is enjoy the oasis of relaxation that we’ve dedicated to you – Health Club 22.

Our hotel situated in the center of Bucharest hosts Health Club 22. This is the perfect place for all those moments when you wish to relax, get in shape, stay toned or just want to be lazy for a few hours. In addition, this is the only wellness center in the middle of the capital located on a roof-top. Believe us, the view from the 22nd floor is absolutely amazing!

When you choose to stay at Grand Hotel Bucharest, the travel experience spent in such a Bucharest landmark can only be memorable: you are 5 minutes away from the Old City Center and its attractions, you have a view from each room and amenities will make you feel extremely comfortable. Here, you come as a guest and leave as a fan of the whole experience.

What Does Health Club 22 At Grand Hotel Bucharest Offer?

With summer’s arrival, now is the perfect time to enjoy all the facilities and services offered in our wellness club. Every detail has been created to provide you with a journey filled with relaxation, vitality, and pampering. Once you have stepped on the 22nd floor, you can leave aside all your worries and stress; it is time to replace them with a small holiday, whether you stay with us for one night, a weekend or longer.

When it comes to swimming pools in Bucharest, we are proud of ours – it gives you all the space needed for a few pool laps or a little relaxation on its edge. If your goal is to make a little exercise, the fitness center with a personal trainer is the right choice – the instructor will take care of you with all due care, and the modern equipment will help you reach your sports goals.

You can also choose to take advantage of the steam bath or dry sauna to clean up all the stress accumulated over the day. Or if you just want to enjoy a few moments for yourself, you can do it in the jacuzzi, relaxing, or on the terrace, enjoying a delicious fresh juice or an aromatic coffee. To complement the experience we recommend a massage session – at the end of it, you will feel brand new! You have a wide range of massage options and therapies to choose from – Asian therapies, aromatherapy, detoxifying or anti-aging treatments, or relaxing massage.

But what you need to try while you are staying with us is a tanning session on the open terrace – the 22nd-floor view will surely make you want to spend some hours here.

Our loyalty cards are designed to always make you return to us for the premium services and pampering you wanted, and they include many of the benefits offered by the wellness club. These are meant to give you the opportunity to enjoy every advantage when you come to visit us. For example, the Elite Card also provides you 3 months as a member of the Health Club 22 (access to the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, sun loungers on the terrace, soft drinks bar) so you can really enjoy every drop of relaxation. These are the small or great details that make any visit to InterContinental Bucharest an urban mini-holiday dedicated to your needs.

Next time you stay with us, do not hesitate to take full advantage of all these benefits. And if you have not booked a room yet, hurry to do so – you will be one step closer to the small summer vacation you wanted.