As Christmas is approaching, Grand Hotel Bucharest has the pleasure of announcing the 2022 edition of its Christmas Brunch. As it is one of the signature events for the hotel, a fusion between going back to the Romanian traditions and embracing the nonconformism of today’s world is expected, both from a culinary and atmosphere perspective. The Grand Hotel Bucharest Christmas Brunch includes an all you can eat buffet featuring traditional festive dishes.

„I am eager to celebrate my first Christmas in Romania, as this country has such a deep connection to its roots. Everything that we are preparing for this event is traditional and modern at the same time, and I really think that Grand Hotel Bucharest is one of the few places that can offer such an experience”, says Salim Touma, General Manager of Grand Hotel Bucharest.

The Christmas Brunch is expected to be one of the most important social events of this winter, so the reservations need to be made in advance, at