With the arrival of September, the good news will come from Grand Hotel Bucharest – the new Brunchissimo season is here, with a series of brunches more flavored than ever.

Brunchissimo is already one of the favorite summer traditions of the people in Bucharest – adults and children alike reserve their Sundays for moments of culinary pampering, a completely refurbished playground for children, musical surprises, a weekly raffle and more – all for 320 lei/person. This year, brunch is free for children under 6, or offers a 50% discount for children under 12 and full price for children over 12 years. Family Sundays are truly memorable with each brunch between 12:30 and 16:30.

The new season of the beloved Bucharest tradition promises “a season of culinary journeys” that will offer a delicious new culinary treat every Sunday. Thus, the gourmet families will be able to experiment with each new edition dishes from different international cuisines, full of spectacular aromas.

What Goodies Can You Taste At Grand Hotel Bucharest’s Brunchissimo?

As we have already accustomed our faithful food lovers from the old editions, Sundays at Grand Hotel Bucharest  bring with them delicious flavors, transposed into a variety of culinary delights. Specific to Brunchissimo, seafood remains in vogue. Oysters, shrimps, fresh shells, clams, and octopus can be enjoyed as such or with pasta prepared on the spot. Appetizers such as colorful salads in a Spanish style, noble cheeses, home-made pita, and bread will still delight the senses of the guests.

The concept of the new season brings to our guests, in addition to the signature dishes of the event, delicacies with oriental, Asian, American, African and European flavors. On holidays those who choose to spend their Sunday at Brunchissimo will be able to enjoy themed editions.

In addition, every Sunday will surprise you with a new cuisine that will spoil your tastes – something good from Latin America, Asian tastes from Cambodia, Mediterranean flavors from Monaco, a special Thanksgiving flavor, Spanish fiesta food, Turkish delights, Halloween dishes, treats specific to a memorable German Oktoberfest, oriental flavors from Saudi Arabia or colorful dishes with African-specific flavors.

We assure you that you will look forward to every Sunday, to pamper yourself along with your family at the end of the week. To these we have added the delights with which we have already accustomed our guests at the previous editions of Brunchissimo from Grand Hotel Bucharest  – the fine taste of mozzarella fior di latte, elegant ricottini, the famous burrata, a stand of delicious pancakes, next to homemade desserts for lovers of sweets, accompanied by a selection of equally delicious drinks, along with Rhein sparkling wine.

We already know perfectly well that Sundays are reserved for time spent with your family – the little ones have a new playground, equipped with an inflatable castle where they can enjoy new adventures. 

And because the atmosphere is the special ingredient that will spice up your Sunday as you dreamed, you can take delight in the live music show, which will make you get up from your seat for some dance moves or at least make you sing along with your favorite songs. Don’t forget, if you are a member of Grand Hotel Bucharest Social Club, you can enjoy at each edition of Brunchissimo a discount of 15-20%, depending on the type of card you have.